Electric Boilers

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Electric Boilers

What are electric boilers? And how will this benefit me?

An electric boiler may be the perfect solution for heating your home if you are unable to have gas.  As well increased installation flexibility an electric boiler is also a quieter alternative to a conventional gas boiler.
As you would expect an electric boiler uses electricity rather than gas to heat your hot water.  They can come in various shapes and sizes and work in a similar way to a kettle whereby the water is heated by a heating element.  Electric boilers are convenient to install and can be energy efficient, however, as with any electric product, there can be drawbacks too.  Electric boilers are typically smaller systems so may not be the best solution for larger homes.  There may also be potentially higher running costs, depending on your electricity tariff, so it is well worth considering when you will be using your boiler as daytime tariff can sometimes be higher.

So what are the main advantages of an electric boiler?

  • Run quietly
  • Small and compact
  • Energy efficient
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Don’t need to be placed on an outside wall.

Do I need a certified engineer?

Yes, you require a qualified engineer, all our engineers are fully trained and certificated to work on all types of electric boilers.
If you require any information on our certification please call our enquiries telephone number below.
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If you are interested in learning how much an electric boiler will cost.  Why not complete our quick quotation form opposite and we will email a quotation back to you.


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