Power Flushing and Cleaning

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Power Flushing Leeds

Central heating systems are prone to build ups of magnetite, dirt, and sludge. New boilers are vulnerable to these system conditions. When installing a new boiler to your system we always recommend flushing and cleaning of your existing system.

Advantages of power flushing your system

  • Unblocking your pipes
  • Restores heat to your radiators and pipework
  • Improves circulation
  • Removes sludge that can damage your new boiler and cause regular breakdowns
  • Saving you energy and lowering your running costs

Once we have  power flushed and cleaned your system

After our certificated flushing and cleaning process, our wide range of filters will prolong the life of your appliance by years.

Here at Woodhead Boilers we only use the award winning leading manufacturers Adey professional heating solutions.

The filters work by drawing magnetite out of your system, this is installed to ensure no dirty water gets into your new boiler. When we service your central heating boiler once a year we check the filter for magnetite, clean if required and put back together.

The Adey professional 2 filter now comes with a complete product guarantee of 10 years

With our clever flushing and cleaning products combined with filter protection, your new boiler will go the extra mile.

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Professional Power Flushing and Cleaning Leeds

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